Class Descriptions

Beginning Band/Orchestra

The first class for most students is a beginning class focused on their instrument family. Typically, a student spends 1-2 semesters in this class.

Intermediate Band/Orchestra

The second step in musical development is the Intermediate Level. A student typically spends 1-2 instructional years (2-4 semesters) in this class.

Concert Band/Advanced Orchestra

The third step in musical development is an Advanced Ensemble. Once a student is in an Advanced Ensemble, the student is eligible for other musical groups such as Jazz Band or small ensembles in addition to Concert Band and Advanced Orchestra.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an additional ensemble offered to those in Intermediate Band/Orchestra, Concert Band or Advanced Orchestra. These classes will explore the musical style of jazz. Our Jazz Band regularly performs in downtown McKinney.

Pep Band

Pep band is comprised of students from Intermediate and Concert Bands. This band will perform at 5 or more CHANT homeschool football games in the fall. All CCHFA students are invited to attend and join the percussion section!

Music Discovery (Age 5-6)

Students will discover the fun of music through movement, singing, vocal exploration, games, stories, and more! We will build musical foundations to last a lifetime!

Music Exploration (Age 7-8)

Students will dig deeper and explore the world of music, instruments, composers, singing, games, and establish basic music literacy skills. We will also learn music terminology and symbols to aid us in our journey!

Music Adventures (Age 9-10)

Students will take their knowledge to a new level of adventure! Combining a wide range of musical skills, we will see how all the pieces fit together! Students will sing, play instruments, perform folk dances from around the world, build advanced music literacy, and enjoy being part of a musical community!