Class Descriptions

Beginning Band/Orchestra

The first class for most students is a beginning class focused on their instrument family. Typically, a student spends 1-2 semesters in this class.

Intermediate Band/Orchestra

The second step in musical development is the Intermediate Level. A student typically spends 1-2 instructional years (2-4 semesters) in this class.

Concert Band/Advanced Orchestra

The third step in musical development is an Advanced Ensemble. Once a student is in an Advanced Ensemble, the student is eligible for other musical groups such as Jazz Band or small ensembles in addition to Concert Band and Advanced Orchestra.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an additional ensemble offered to those in Intermediate Band/Orchestra, Concert Band or Advanced Orchestra. These classes will explore the musical style of jazz. Our Jazz Band regularly performs in downtown McKinney.

Pep Band

Pep band is comprised of students from Intermediate and Concert Bands. This band will perform at 5 or more CHANT homeschool football games in the fall. All CCHFA students are invited to attend and join the percussion section!

Music and Movement (Age 5-6)

Prerequisite: none

This class will instill a sense of joy and wonder at music-making for your youngest musicians! Students will experience many foundational musical concepts through creative and structured movement, games, singing, vocal exploration, rhymes, listening, classroom instruments, and more. Come participate in our musical community!

Beginner Elementary Music (Age 7-10)

Prerequisite: none

This class continues developing a solid foundation and joyful music-making, with the addition of basic music literacy! In addition to beginning to read and write music, lessons will include a balance of singing, vocal exploration, classroom instruments, games, folk dancing, creative and structured movement, listening to music of master composers, and much more!

Intermediate Elementary Music (Age 8-10)

Prerequisite: Beginner Elementary Music

Students will continue building on their knowledge and skills from the previous level. Upper level skills include complex rhythms, music reading and terminology, performance skills, singing and playing instruments in multiple parts, performing folk dances, and so much more! This course will have your child well-prepared for the next steps in their music education: choir, band, or orchestra!

Intermediate Choir (Age 10-13)

Prerequisite: none

Choir is a singing ensemble that studies and performs a variety of quality choral literature from many time periods and genres. This class is perfect for the beginning, developmental singer with little to no experience (although anyone is welcome). The main focus of each class is to learn to sing properly with healthy technique, to build knowledge of reading music, grow in musicianship, and to perform in concerts as a unified vocal ensemble. We will have fun exploring our vocal instruments as a team!